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ECOLOGY part 3°

Be aware of the reasoned arguments of Serge
Latouche on the decline, the tendency towards a just,
sustainable, participatory; aspiration to enhance the dialogue between the
cultures for coexistence between them in recognition of
diversity and dialogue among them. Unable growth
continuous, infinite in a finite planet. Not a decrease in
recession, but a convivial society, solidarity based on quality
rather than quantity, on cooperation rather than on
competition; a sharp reduction of waste, and unproductive
pollutants physically and ethically.
Even ignoble motives, with strong racist streak, the
increases human to counter other religions and ethnic groups.
Come to mind the invitations to produce children to boost the
Hosts, particularly in dictatorships, had to make great home
and set aside the threat of enemies of their alleged
The biblical fruitful and multiply, superfluous in that mythological
setting, has aggravated the next populated the earth and
assoggettatevela. . . sign of the overwhelming pride that man
It is cloaked since the beginning of the historical cycle. It was and is,
rightly proud but simply and humbly, first among
equal; if he loses awareness of so elementary, expires
clearly in thoughts and behavior reprehensible or even worse
shameful, certainly not at the level of that vaunted intelligence.
Having in mind the concrete reality of the facts: Mankind
only part of the whole balanced complex land.
"Human Ecology operational need". Human ecology is an
oxymoron burden of hypocrisy that ignores deep in a simple,
precise meaning; it is necessary, first to talk, read a
any elementary text which defines and develops the concept
Ecology. This means the dynamic equilibrium of ecosystems
constantly related and able to restore a relative and
temporary imbalance. This time from operating activities
immemorial is now seriously disturbed man, from his
activities and excessive numerical presence. The man is a
consumer who does not realize that operates on a finite planet,
that is only one of the condos land, all loaded with dignity and
of natural existential rights. The ecology that everyone talks about is
limited to the one surface; They realize that the true ecology is
that deep (v. Naess and others). The "precise solutions and
practicable "they are not feasible because beset by flaws" genesic "
incurable: be fruitful and multiply. . . have dominion of fish
the sea, the birds of the sky, all animals. . ... Little effort
cancel rental rationality the said commands; immense effort for heads
They speak of humility and do not know what it is, who preach love and you do not
realize that the love with which emphasize speeches is a love
limited to the immense human being, too proud, not yet
smart enough to understand things simply natural.
Too arrogant masters not help him to adapt to the reality that
little intelligence which is fitted.
We insignificant creatures we can not groped to know
the Absolute, even if we pull in dance. . . . ... . . . We know
the beauty and harmony of his works, the love that the soul, which
Absolute relativity: --- a) The Earth is your little house; you will not have
other house outside of it. b) Amala, at least in his honor it
components; everything your next living or just physical. c) Do not
kill, do not steal, do not bear false witness. d) No
wish that it goes beyond the basic necessities needed for life,
dignity and proper freedom.
e) No one has more dignity than you and you have no more dignity
no. f) Do not be arrogant and not to upset the balance of nature that
allow life and dynamic harmony of the planet. g) appreciates and
hold account of natural existential rights of every component
Superb, unacceptable dictatorship human on the planet; belittles
the Absolute Divine and the vaunted human intelligence. - Humanity
part of the planetary constituents. Earth insignificant portion of a
Galaxy, a small part of an immensity.
Enveloped inevitably overcrowding is the problem
social; even remotely attempts to correct setting.
It 's true or not that all men are born equal in dignity and
rights; If this statement is purely hypocritical and is unfeasible
better not strombazzarla continuously. And with that we can
close everything.
If part of our dreams, if we consider it a guiding light
for a just human progress, the situation changes completely. The
made key is that our planet has the size and resources
we know; the availability of additional resources are available and
desirable, but already with the presence of only six billion
People a fair, balanced distribution of resources is unfulfilled
and probably unachievable .....
Require a constant activity of the free
rationality; observe disenchantment with the established, break it if
essential. Remain immeasurable our relations with the
reality at all; awareness daughter of knowledge.
Life absolute value for each of us. Value, unfortunately, reported
almost exclusively to human life. Life is a constituent
Everything's wonderful, from microscopic to clearly visible
plants and animals and possibly to another life beyond the system
Solar. Even the dead with their "cruelty" give life to life;
cyclicality stunning ....
We want to say that for a more
wide and correct the overall picture, it must take into account other
elements not previously considered.
Apart from unavoidable cosmological considerations and
the impact that should have cognitive humus,
we must pay attention to a tangible reality, namely that humanity
it's just an important part of the planet; this simple observation
It imposes a specific behavior: Although it has a part
remarkable planetary balance, mankind can not claim the
right to do and undo at will, at its sole
utility; the right to participate in the extra-existential human can not
It is shelved.
These considerations should induce a strong relapse
sull'operare present, of all the situations and behaviors
newspapers of every human being, without exception. Imbalances and
natural disasters on the rise, they give us the alarm.
Man one of the apartment buildings of condominium land, a holder of
Monthly fees from harmonize smartly, one of the vessels
communicating physically forced equilibrium. The real intelligence,
the superiority of the spirit, for this must be set aside
pride and arrogance, signs of ballast, the stupidity that too often
cause a dramatic disintegration of reason immerse us in
oceans of inhumanity, of tragic imbalances.

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