lunedì 30 novembre 2015


It seems important to emphasize that in my opinion is a clear significant difference between two aspects of the business logic, rational and emotional human being. Every day you hear about the cultural heritage and related events that highlight the striking significance; this is about the intellectual operation of human society, its many magnificent events in everyday life, to be precise, symptomatic manifestation dell'improponibile anthropocentrism. But there is something that goes beyond what has been said and this is the KNOWLEDGE that encompasses and surpasses the cultural exclusive of human society. If the cultural heritage is not articulated with the ability to know the laws of nature in the broadest possible scope for intellectual activity creates a discrepancy that may devalue what is of appreciable in these assets. And 'therefore necessary to establish a fruitful combination of the two aspects that enrich beautifully the two sides. Invitation sincerely cultural operators to expand beyond the perimeter where rationally, emotionally and beautifully operate.

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